Privacy Policy

  • July 14, 2021


SGJONES.UK makes no use of cookies, as there is no login mechanisms or per-user preferences for the site. This website will also not track you for advertising. Therefore, I am not required to ask for consent from you.

Personal Information

The only point in which you information is passed over to me is if you choose to contact me. In the event of that happening I may become in possession of your name, phone number and email address. By contacting me you are consenting to me accessing such personal data. Though please do not be alarmed, none of this data will be used in marketing and will be limited to identifying you as a client.

Financial Information

When it comes to paying, I will obtain your PayPal handle. This will appear on the PayPal website as a statement. It will never be used outside of PayPal - and is subject to PayPal's Privacy Policy.

Third Parties

It is your choice to contact me via third-party app such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. You are then subject to their individual privacy policies.

Your Right to Access

At any time you may contact me to request a file of all information I have about you. This will be delivered within the statutory requirements.

Your Right to Erasure

If you wish for me to delete your data, please contact me and I would be happy to do so.